CBIA: AB 199 – Position Change

CBIA: AB 199 – Position Change
April 14, 2017 zach

Dear Partner in Opposing AB 199,

Our sincerest thank you to all of you who joined our coalition opposing AB 199 and especially to all of you who showed up at committee.  Because of the strong showing from our industry and other key coalition members, we were able to get the attention of key legislators who brought the sponsors and CBIA to the table to encourage a compromise on the bill.

Due to the recent amendments to AB 199 which were agreed to by CBIA, CBIA is withdrawing its opposition to the measure.  A copy of the coalition letter is attached.

The amendments return the bill to existing code (eliminating the problematic reference to “political subdivisions”) and add “a successor agency to a redevelopment agency when acting in that capacity,” after redevelopment agency.  These amendments reflect the author’s and sponsor’s stated intent of the bill – to ensure that projects that had been approved by an RDA continue to pay prevailing wage.  Doing so addressed the concern that the bill was far more expansive, requiring nearly all private residential development to pay prevailing wage.

While we are extremely pleased with these recent developments, please know that we plan to remain vigilant in watching this bill and others to ensure no further changes are made that would impact housing affordability.

Again, thank you for your commitment to this issue.  We truly appreciate all your help!

Erin Guerrero
Vice President of Legislative Affairs, CBIA