OC Register: Housing crisis a man-made disaster

OC Register: Housing crisis a man-made disaster
January 1, 2017 zach

California housing crisis” into a web search engine and the results come gushing out. Dozens of stories from just the past year highlight a crunch that’s “way past a problem,” a “middle-class” disaster, “drowning renters” and “California’s most pressing challenge.” We’re living through a complete turnaround from the 1970s boom, when one new housing unit was built for less than every two newcomers.

For many, the impossibility of affording a home in California produces desperation.

“The housing crisis has caused all kinds of problems, but some people are getting creative to survive it,” Eugene Kim wrote in April in the Business Insider. “From wooden pods to trailer trucks,” Bay Area residents are doing “crazy things” so they can “survive the area’s ridiculous housing prices.”

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