Press Release: LA City Controller Ron Galperin Headlines Housing & Economic Forecast

Press Release: LA City Controller Ron Galperin Headlines Housing & Economic Forecast
January 31, 2017 zach

L.A. City Controller to Report on How Members of the Building Industry Can Capitalize on City-Owned Properties

 City Controller Ron Galperin will speak at the Building Industry Association’s Housing & Economic Forecast on Thursday, February 2

At the Building Industry Association’s annual Housing & Economic Forecast, Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin will be joining the conversation to report on properties owned by the City, and how members of the Industry can capitalize on the real estate to serve many community needs and benefits.

Galperin has released a website that shows over 9,000 City-owned properties, including police and fire stations, pools and parks, as well as a commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. The Controller’s goal in releasing this information is to allow the opportunity for developers to engage in widespread economic and community development.

“Our builder members are anxious to work with the City of Los Angeles to learn more about available land that could be used to create more housing,” said Tim Piasky, CEO of the Building Industry Association Los Angeles/Ventura Chapter. “We have a housing crisis and an affordability crisis facing working-class families. Galperin’s efforts help to address these issues.”

PropertyPanel.LA, which is the website that has been released, is intended as an information tool and a call to action for the City. It will enable the City to have a more strategic approach in sharing public assets that can serve as public space, revenue-producing property, and even low-income housing. Properties will also benefit from being re-purposed by the City. Others may generate value by public and/or private partnerships or can even be developed by the City itself.

The Building Industry Association’s Housing & Economic Forecast will take place this Thursday, February 2 at the L.A. Hotel Downtown. Richard Green from USC’s Lusk Center for Real Estate will be presenting his outlook on the economy. Tim Sullivan of Meyers Research will be moderating the housing panel. For more information about the event, visit